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LA HUERTA presents exhibitions and creative initiatives with a mix of mid-career, and established artists.


Our collaborations with local and global organizations are our attempt to work in a stronger tandem to broadcast meaningful projects that strengthen support for contemporary international art while educating young people about its broad possibilities.

LA HUERTA functions as an itinerant space working towards nonprofit status.  We do not represent any artists and our collaborations with artists, across genres, is a growing aggregate.  

LA HUERTA was founded to promote international contemporary art by exhibiting a mix of international artists, amplifying the diverse voice of art in the touchstone European city of Barcelona.

LA HUERTA se fundó para promover el arte contemporáneo internacional por medio de exhibiciones de artistas reconocidos internacionalmente, que amplían la voz diversa del arte en la emblemática ciudad europea de Barcelona.

- Founding Director, Allison Malinsky
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