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12 Notes Viewing Room

12 Notes

Zachary Cahill, Oasa DuVerney, Shahrzad Kamel, Ling-lin Ku, 
Allison Malinsky, Alex McQuilkin, Miloslav Moucha, NoN Project, 
Pierre Obando, Isis Prager, Wilfried Prager, John Torreano

Curated by: Allison Malinsky

Zona Franca Projects

September 15 - October 6, 2021

12 Notes brings together a group of 12 international artists corresponding to the premise of this show that derives from the quantity of tones in both the visual and musical chromatic scales. Each scale has twelve foundational colors or musical notes that can be mixed to create infinite expressive combinations. The 25 works in this exhibition made by both visual and sound artists highlight the artistic individuality and creativity produced from this short range of established units.

The 12 artists in this exhibition are part of a long historical legacy of artists that have been able to use these few fundamental tools to arrive at meaning, something extraordinary and individually theirs—beyond surface color and some variety of technical skills.


Installation of three works by John Torreano and Miloslav Moucha (on right) in the exhibition 12 Notes, 2021


Installation of paintings by Wilfried Prager and Pierre Obando, at right in the exhibition 12 Notes, 2021

3805 copy.jpg

Wilfried Prager

Tzimtzum, 2018

Oil on canvas — óleo sobre tela

150cm x 150cm    

Wilfried Prager (b. 1964, Paris, France) has in part defined his painting practice by using a wide range of color in his work. For this exhibition, his painting Tzimtzum was chosen because of its luminous brown monochrome that leads us to its vibrating white center.  This radiant painting exemplifies Wilfried´s approach to his use of cosmically generated colour and light in his paintings.

Pierre Obando, paintings, color

Installation of paintings by Pierre Obando in the exhibition 12 Notes, 2021


Pierre Obando

Cohere, 2014

Oil on canvas — óleo sobre tela

30cm x 23cm (12in. x 9 in.)               

Pierre Obando (Belize City, Belize) used a variety of paint application processes to build up layers of CMYK pigments, pigments from everyday image reproduction, for these works selected from a larger series.  Each painting is an experiment, a release of any pre-determined control over the works and their material, a way to make pigment indistinguishable from image or skill from lack of control. 


Installation of works by Pierre Obando, Allison Malinsky, John Torreano, Ling-lin Ku and Miloslav Moucha in the exhibition 12 Notes, 2021


Allison Malinsky

The river (Lethe), 2021

Oil on linen, thread —  óleo sobre lino, hilo

103cm x 120cm x 15cm

Allison Malinsky (b. 1980, Canterbury, NH) makes use of vivid colors in her 3D paintings to understand will and temporality, often abstractly portraying her natural surroundings and mythicised landscapes.  The multipoint perspective of the cortina sewn painting on view, The river (Lethe), addresses the crossing of the river of forgetting to continue a fated trajectory.

Installation of works by John Torreano and Miloslav Moucha in the exhibition 12 Notes, 2021


John Torreano

White with Jonquil Gems, 2021

Acrylic gems, acrylic paint on ½ round wood column — Gemas acrílicas, pintura acrílica, en media columna de madera

71cm x 8cm x 4cm (27in. x 3in. x 1 ½ in.)

on right: 

John Torreano

White with Crystal AB´s, 2021

Acrylic gems, acrylic paint on ½ round wood column — Gemas acrílicas, pintura acrílica, en media columna de madera

81cm x 10cm x 5cm (31in. x 4in. x 2in.)

John Torreano  (b. 1941, Flint, MI) creates infinitely layered paintings and sculptures embedded with his emblematic plastic gems.  On view are three of his sculptural works, one wall ball and two columns, each with many dimensions which ask us to move about them—to experience their deep cosmos these works are inspired by.


Ling-lin Ku

Mute-ation, 2021

Clay, epoxy clay, barbwire, paint — barro, resina epoxy, alambre de púas, pintura

26cm x 43cm x 14cm

Ling-lin Ku (Taiwan) combines disorienting color and contradictory materials, in her often large sculptural installations, to playfully question our understanding between the physical and the digital world. Her wall sculpture on view entitled Mute-ation was made specifically for this exhibition. 


Miloslav Moucha

From the Spanish Cycle, 1987

Oil on canvas — óleo sobre tela

130cm x 96cm 

Miloslav Moucha (b. 1942, Litvinov, Czech Republic) made the Santiago de Compostela pilgrimage in the 1980´s which set off his Spanish Cycle painting series of high contrast primaries painted in the same decade, about which he said, ¨I give the colors back to the light.¨  


Installation of works by Allison Malinsky, John Torreano, Ling-lin Ku and Miloslav Moucha, QR code links for musical artists and Zachary Cahill in the exhibition 12 Notes, 2021

RED HILLSIsis Prager
00:00 / 06:05

Isis Prager, please press play to listen to her track entitled Red Hills

Isis Prager (b. 1996, Paris, France) composes music for films, this work, Red Hills is created as an elliptical meditation that builds from red to purple. 

NoN Project, please press play to listen to their track entitled Something Missing

NoN Project combines genres of music to generate unique electro-acoustic soundscapes.  This work and their performance at Zona Franca Projects includes voice and electro-sound work by Luisa Rossini (Italy), guitarist Federico Civiello (Italy), and violinist, Abigail Holman (San Francisco, CA).


Installation of eight works and USSA Flower Manifesto by Zachary Cahill in the exhibition 12 Notes, 2021


Zachary Cahill

I Will Never Be Pretty (flower), 2020

Acrylic on paper — pintura acrílica

107cm x 109cm (42in. x 43in.)

Zachary Cahill (Chicago, IL) has an installation of eight large color saturated flowers on view (that come with a manifesto from his ongoing decade long fictional nation, the USSA). These radical flowers help his deft endeavor to detect where, he writes, ¨in a propaganda saturated nation, our self begins.¨ 


Installation of works by Oasa DuVerney, Shahrzad Kamel and Alex McQuilkin the exhibition 12 Notes, 2021


Oasa DuVerney

The Song That I Sing IS Part of An Echo, 2021

Risograph prints — grabado

72cm x 56cm

Oasa DuVerney (b. 1979, Queens, NY) pushes and pulls color layers in her print quadruple to repeatedly echo the original photograph of her work, that of poets Audre Lorde, Lucille Clifton, Alice Walker, and June Jordan at the 1979 Phillis Wheatley Poetry Festival, of which she writes, ¨made me think about the idea that we who are working towards complete liberation are all singing the same song, throughout time, space, and change.¨ 


Shahrzad Kamel

Untitled, 2016-2021 

Blue toned gelatin silver print, mat board, aluminum frame — 

Impresión en gelatina de plata de tono azul, cartón mate, marco de aluminio

33 x 48.2 cm (13in. x 19 in.)


Shahrzad Kamel (b.1979, San Francisco, CA) creates unique objects from anonymous photographs she searches out or ones she takes herself, either from her travels or generated in her studio; all of them manipulated with layers of color.  The resulting prints become complete unique objects when placed in their matte and frame.


Alex McQuilkin

Magic Moments (Technology Transformation Wonder Woman),  2021

Single channel video — video monocanal

2 minutes 30 seconds

Alex McQuilkin applied a pastel pink filter for this video work, Magic Moments (Technology Transformation Wonder Woman), a reflection on gender stereotypes and the impossible, even conflicting, societal demands on women.  Her compilation of advertisements show women endlessly spinning, trapped, unable to be released towards the freedom they are aiming to sell. 

Installation images

Exhibition Press

For more information on any of the artists or their works, please be in touch.

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